Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year in New York

At the changing of each year, I put my own little spin on tradition and instead of making resolutions, I set goals. To me, a resolution is rarely successful. It's too vague. It's too over-reaching. And at this point, I think a lot of people don't take them seriously because of their high failure rate.

Now that's not saying that there's no value to be had in reflection and trying to improve in a new year, I just prefer goals as a means to that end because they seem, well, more accomplishable.

I just dug out my goals for 2009 and was a little disappointed in myself, though. I had about a 50% success rate, which is okay, but I don't usually strive for 50%. I guess goals can be a bit unmanageable sometimes, too, but I will say that I made at least some progress towards almost all of my goals, so I think that my time spent making them wasn't wasted. I also didn't really appreciate how much time the wedding was going to eat up to the point that it made me have to cut back in how much time I spent working on my acting career, but the wedding fun is all over now, so that excuse is eliminated for next year :)

In 2009, I succeeded at many of my goals like creating more showbiz industry relationships, spending at least one morning/afternoon/or evening out of the apartment on a date with the mister, getting a new pet (we got two!), and making sure to visit with at least two friends a week, to name a few.

I also failed at some like joining one of the acting unions, getting onto a soap set, and putting more money into savings (uh, I blame the wedding for this one, too).

Although I am a very ambitious and goal-oriented person, I also think it's important not to get too wrapped up in where you didn't quite meet your own expectations, because sometimes, things change. I could never have predicted a year ago that I would be a Weddingbee blogger, would have started my own dog boarding company, or would be celebrating the opening of my own Etsy shop. None of these things were on my list of goals for 2009, but I wouldn't take them back for anything.

That said, I will be sharing with you a partial list of my goals for 2010 (you'd be bored by the whole thing, I promise) :

Acting -- Join AFTRA, put together a reel, perform in another musical, use up my Network credits

Family and Friends -- Continue once-a-week date night with Hubby, make 3 new friends to hang out with, teach my sisters something new

Home -- Finish decorating to-do list, start gardening on the balcony, finish wedding recaps, blog at least 3x a week on my personal blog (that's here!), start acting blog and recruit other bloggers for it

Businesses -- Build up to making at least two Etsy sales a week, Board a dog at least three times a month, replace at least 50% of babysitting income

Maybe sharing my 2010 goals will help keep me even more accountable in the new year.

How successful were you in 2009 by your pre-2009 self's standards? What are your goals or resolutions moving forward?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The WINNER of the Redheaded Actress Etsy Shop Giveaway is...

...Katie, from The Indecisive Bride (or Latte Love, from Weddingbee) !

She has selected the MANHATTAN from the Redheaded Etsy Shop as her prize.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and helped spread the word about my new Etsy shop. It was so much fun that I will definitely be doing another giveaway at some point, so please come by and enter again!

And if you really can't wait that long, feel free to head on over to our shop and make your own luck ;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Redheaded Actress Etsy Shop Giveaway - ENTER NOW!

To celebrate the opening of my new Etsy shop, the Redheaded Actress, I've decided to give away one free item* from the shop of the winner's choosing!

Entries will be accepted all this week until midnight on Friday, December 18. The winner will be announced by Monday, December 21 and will get a one-of-a-kind hairpiece as a Holiday gift from me!

Ways to Enter:

1. Go check out the shop here and then come back and comment about which piece is your favorite

2. Add the Redheaded Actress Etsy shop to your Etsy favorites by "hearting" it and then comment here to tell me that you did

3. Become a fan of the Redheaded Actress Etsy shop on Facebook by going here, then come back and comment to tell me that you've done so. Already a fan? Convince one of your other facebook friends to become a fan!

4. Retweet on Twitter the following text -- "The Redheaded Actress Etsy shop (@beeingmissstar) is giving away a beautiful hairpiece! Check out the giveaway at:" and then come back and comment to tell me that you've done so

5. Write a blog entry about the giveaway that includes a link to the Redheaded Actress Etsy shop and come back here and comment with a link to the blog.

6. Make any purchase at the Redheaded Actress Etsy shop and comment here that you've done so. You'll get two entries for this one!

--Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry that you complete! Winner will be chosen randomly from eligible comments.--

Thank you for competing and good luck to all of you!

*All non-wedding pieces are eligible to be won

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If Harrison Says So...

As I was wandering the VIP Section of the Midtown Public Library -- most of you probably know it as the "reserved/holds section" -- I noticed a particularly compelling poster:

I mean, I already love to read, but now that I know that Harrison wants me to? I will definitely be sure to keep reading :)

Am I the only one with a special place in my heart for Harrison Ford? Who on a poster would compel you to spend a little more time at your neighborhood public library?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Human Balcony

Lucky for all of you (or unlucky?), my whole family just upgraded the iPhones (eeee!) and so capturing and sharing the wackiness I come across in the city has never been easier.

Just the other night, I was running to an interview on the Upper West Side and looked at this sign at least three times, wondering what a human balcony could possibly be...

So I guess you could say this picture isn't so much a picture of the wackiness of NYC, as it is evidence of the wackiness inside my head. Hunan Balcony makes a LOT more sense...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Death of My Favorite Eye Candy

As I walked to the gym yesterday, I noticed a very sad sign in the window of one of my favorite Garment District wholesale dress stores:

Not that I've ever actually bought anything in there because they don't have any small sizes for some strange reason, but the dress displays in the windows are always the most ostenatious and fun to look at on the block. I'm definitely sad to see my favorite eye candy dress store close. 

But also excited to see what could possibly open down there...something more useful in my life, perhaps? 

P.S. We do not need another bank or a Duane Reade, New York!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

As I was working on adding new items to my Etsy shop and writing wedding recaps for Weddingbee, I heard strains of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" seeping in under my door and realized that there were, in fact, Christmas carolers making the rounds in my apartment building! How festive! I was especially in need of such a surprise, since I've been finding it particularly hard to get into the spirit of the season this year, inexplicably.

I smiled to myself and thought, "Only in New York would there be Christmas carolers in an apartment building." Just another reason to love New York.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Redheaded Actress Etsy Shop Launched!

Hi All!

Sorry posting has been light lately. I'm still so burnt out on blogging from the wedding and have been keeping myself very busy with auditions, shoots, and...starting my own Etsy shop!

I knew I needed a crafty creative outlet post-wedding and have been tossing around the idea of opening a shop on Etsy for awhile now, and I finally got the nerve up to do it! It was surprisingly time-consuming, from writing my shop policies to creating a shop banner to learning how to use Etsy from a seller's perspective -- not to mention, actually hunting down all the supplies in the Garment District and making the pieces!

I've had a lot of fun doing it, though, and have already made a few sales, which I'm VERY excited about! Please take a second to check it out. I hear the headbands and rings make great Christmas gifts ;)

Oh, and comment to tell me what your favorite piece is, if you don't mind! I'd appreciate the feedback.