Friday, October 25, 2013

Marathon Pumpkin Carving Template

I haven't blogged on this blog in over a year because I've been so busy being an actor and blogging all about it over on I also got a blogging job for a teen site the requires me to blog every day (though pays me well for it, so I'm not complaining!), so that's been keeping me occupied with my writing, as well. I learned while planning my wedding that it's extraordinarily difficult for me to maintain blogging on more than one blog at a time, so I won't be too hard on myself for it.

BUT! There are occasional things that I'd like to share that don't fall into either the teen interest category or the showbiz industry category, so here we are :)

As you may probably already have heard if you're reading this because you follow me on social media and I'm obsessed with talking about it, I'm running the 2013 NYC Marathon in just nine days.

We carved pumpkins last night, as we do almost every year, and I decided that I had to honor my marathon running with my pumpkin carving. I couldn't find a pattern that I loved online, so I made one myself. And I thought there might be other marathoners who might also like a marathon pumpkin carving pattern, so I wanted to share. Here are our finished pumpkins:

And here is the pattern, in case you'd like to create a marathon pumpkin carving of your own:

In case you're planning on being a NYC Marathon spectator, my bib number is 68-509 and I'll be starting in the last green wave at 10:55.

I'm excited and really nervous for my first marathon.

Happy Halloween!