Monday, November 24, 2008

Reflections on a looming strike

In response to this article on the Hollywood Reporter website about the looming SAG strike, one particularly Clueless-About-The-Acting-Profession commenter wrote:

5. foobar comments:
November 24, 2008
Who really cares? Go ahead. Strike. I'm broke and the economy is upside down. Who can afford the theater anyway?

See? This is why I love America. People who know absolutely nothing about a given subject are completely free to express their opinions anyway. Who can afford the theatre, indeed?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

34th and 8th will never be the same for me

Today, on my way to an audition, I walked by the ever-familiar corner of 34th street and 8th avenue right near Penn Station.

I happened to look down just as I was about to step on a pair of lacy black thong underwear that had clearly been worn.

It was horrifying.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Op'nin', Another Show!

You'll have to excuse my lack of entries this month. I got hit by illness twice in a row. Just as I was getting over a week-long cold, I got the first migraine of my life that somehow turned into a week-long flu. The long and short of it is that it was nasty.

Somewhere in there, though, I opened and closed a show at the Gene Frankel Theatre. It was called "Documentary: A Suicide Narrative" and it played November 7-9. It was a blast to work on and the cast and crew were really great. Not to mention, we had some Law and Order casting directors in the audience one night, so here's hoping that a part I'm perfect for comes up soon! Fingers crossed, everyone.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know what I had been up to. My next project is an independent film that shoots for several days this month and next. I'm also working on getting more involved with NJ Rep. Other than that, it's back to auditioning every day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Voters' Day!

So yeah, it's Election Day. Wooo!!

This year was my first year voting at an actual polling place, since I've only been old enough to vote in one other Presidental election and I was in school and using an absentee ballot in 2004. It was a lot more exciting getting to vote in person, let me tell you. You really feel like, for at least that one day, you getting up off your ass and pulling some levers might actually make a difference to someone or something.

I have to admit, voting in New York was a real hoot. The actual machine has this very 1960's vibe going on with its huge lever and little black dials. I laughed out loud when I noticed that all the way down the ticket on the Democratic side, the black dials were worn from fingers turning them for so many years. No such wear marks on the Republican knobs.

I had a lot of fun getting to vote for some Independents in the smaller categories, although I couldn't bring myself to vote for Bob Barr for President.

I'm staying in tonight to watch the results on TV, just in case the election doesn't go the way New Yorkers want it to and there's rioting in the streets. I wouldn't be suprised.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall flavors

In honor of the changing seasons, I made the most wonderful fall pastries ever today: the pumpkin scone.

It's a Starbucks knock-off recipe that I found online after having my first ever pumpkin scone last week. Since I don't want to literally eat myself out of house and home, I figured I should make my own because I can't stop craving them.

I have included the recipe below because you should really make them. They're delicious and are such a fabulous way to incorporate some delicious fall flavors into your day. Each bite is bursting with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and pumpkin undertones, plus there's lots of yummy icing.

Note to all: These are not diet food.

Unless you eat one and nothing else all day, I guess.

The recipe is as follows:

Starbucks Pumpkin Scones Recipe #214051

These are great for the holidays...or any other time of the year. Recipe origially submiited at by Rachel-Snachel

30 min | 15 min prep

6 scones


Powderered Sugar Glaze

Spiced Glaze

  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Lightly oil a baking sheet or line with parchment paper.
  3. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and spices in a large bowl. Using a pastry knife, fork, or food processor, cut butter into the dry ingredients until mixture is crumbly and no chunks of butter are obvious. Set aside.
  4. In a separate bowl, whisk together pumpkin, half and half, and egg. Fold wet ingredients into dry ingredients. Form the dough into a ball.
  5. Pat out dough onto a lightly floured surface and form it into a 1-inch thick rectangle (about 9 inches long and 3 inches wide). Use a large knife or a pizza cutter to slice the dough twice through the width, making three equal portions. Cut those three slices diagonally so that you have 6 triangular slices of dough. Place on prepared baking sheet.
  6. Bake for 14–16 minutes. Scones should begin to turn light brown. Place on wire rack to cool.
  8. Mix the powdered sugar and 2 tbsp milk together until smooth.
  9. When scones are cool, use a brush to paint plain glaze over the top of each scone.
  11. Combine the ingredient for the spiced icing together. Drizzle this thicker icing over each scone and allow the icing to dry before serving (at least 1 hour). A squirt bottle works great for this, or you can drizzle with a whisk.
I only baked them for 12 minutes and they were just right. And I ended up with a ton of extra spiced glaze, so you could definitely reduce that if you wanted to put the effort in.

Happy fall!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

NJ Repertory Company

Just a little note to let you all know that my long trek out to Long Branch was worthwhile.

You're reading the blog of the New Jersey Repertory Company's newest member!

Check out if you get the chance. My headshot and resume should be up soon!