Friday, January 1, 2010

Ice Skating in the B to the ryant Park

For someone who loves Bryant Park as much as I do (and who lives so ridiculously close by), I can't believe it took me until nearly the end of the second winter season of us living here to get my butt on that ice skating rink.

I guess part of it was the long line to get in, which looks daunting, but actually moved pretty quickly, and the fact that I was terrified that I would fall on my face. That fear isn't exactly unfounded, since I'm pretty sure I fell the last time I was on ice. I look slightly concerned in this picture:

But in the end, I had nothing to fear! I didn't fall down once and was actually one of the better skaters on the Pond, besides the few superb skaters who were there. I have no idea how this happened, but apparently my five-year skating hiatus made me better. Mysterious, indeed. The mister is actually a pretty good skater, which isn't all that surprising, since he is always to be very athletic whenever we do anything remotely sporty, despite his distinctly non-athletic looks. Don't worry, honey, I don't look athletic and I'm also NOT actually athletic, so you have me beat :)

At any rate, I highly recommend skating in Bryant Park. If you have your own skates like the mister, it's free. I had to rent a pair for $12, but anyone who lives here knows that any fun date you can go on for $12 in Manhattan is definitely a win. Oh, and a tip for going? Bring your own locker lock because it's free to use the lockers, but they gouge you $9 for a lock. We didn't have anything of value, so we just gambled and won (our own stuff back, I guess!).

It was a perfect way for us to spend the first day of a new decade! Happy skating, all!


  1. Looks like you two had an awesome time! I love outdoor skating rinks - we have a few in town and are some of my favorite spots to visit in the winter!

  2. How fun! I heart ice skating.

    Also, cute coat!

  3. Ice skating outside is so much better than at an indoor rink. Looks like fun!

  4. Wow, $12 is a steal for an NYC date! Did the crowds on the rink turn you off at all? I'm sure it can get pretty crazy out there!