Friday, April 9, 2010

This probably makes me immature, but I don't care

So my best friend in the entire world was in town this week! Yay! She drove all the way up from Alabama to hang out for the week, which meant 1. I got to hang out in the city with one of my favorite people ever, and 2. I had easy access to...a CAR! What a luxury, right?

Well, I took advantage of our car situation by making a long-procrastinated trip to IKEA in Brooklyn. I've been wanting to find a cheap sofa table to use as a replacement keyboard cabinet for the one that my Dad lost while he was storing it for me in college. He claims he never had it, which is a convenient story for him and inconvenient for me, since it means I was on my own as far as replacing it. You see, this is similar to how my keyboard is supposed to look:

Only, because the replacement stand is $250, ever since we moved into the city it's been sitting on our livingroom floor getting dusty, which doesn't exactly make for a conducive environment for practicing or playing along while I sing.

So we headed out to IKEA and found the perfect sofa table for $89, the Markor sofa table, threw some green boxes for storage and flair on the bottom and voila:

A pretty good substitute, no? Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture.

I could end this post on that note and sound all "responsible and well-adjusted newlywed" and such, but that isn't really the reason I set out to write this post. In fact, the real reason is that I wanted to share this chuckle-inducing display from the kids' section at IKEA:

Some guy had apparently spent some time collecting half a dozen stuffed animals in order of size and putting them into this rather uncouth position. I'm not gonna lie, though, I laughed. And that, my friends, is why I am not your typical "responsible and well-adjusted newlywed." Oh well. At least I'm not boring.



  1. AHHA. I literally just snorted. Now I feel like I'm twelve.

  2. Hehehe, explain that one to an inquisitive child ....... "erm, they are doing the conga sweetie"