Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Adventure in Vermont Begins

So, I know this is a blog all about New York City, but...this month I'm in Vermont! So you get to hear about Vermont. And how different Vermont is from New York City. And how I'm performing in Vermont. And you'll LIKE it, haha.

At least I hope you will.

So we've been here for just about a week now and I adore it. I could never live here as a permanent thing, both because it is still so rural for my tastes and also because it's freaking freezing here for like 8 months a year, but I would love to start a yearly summer pilgrimmage to Burlington to just get out of the city and relax and regain some perspective.

There is so much to love about Burlington. The downtown area is so artsy and hip and adorable, filled with outdoor cafes and live music and this gorgeous pedestrian mall on Church street:

Just outside of Burlington is Bristol Falls, where we went cliff jumping off of this ledge and 25 feet into the freezing cold water. It was one of the bravest things I've done this year and definitely the biggest rush I've had in awhile!

And how fabulous is this building? This is the outside of the theater where we're performing this month. You can see Lake Champlain from the theater, and it's surrounded by a crepe shop, a bike path, and the harbor where dozens of sailboats are docked. Gorgeous.

Yeah, this is me right by the theater with Lake Champlain in the background. The weather has been absolutely amazing the whole time we've been here, and the scenery is picturesque.

And the artsy vibe here makes a New Yorker feel right at home. Check out this awesome vintage clothing shop on Church street:

The awesomely unique street performers put New York street performers to shame, I'm sad to say. Every time we've walked down Church street, I've seen a different street performer with a totally different talent. Take a look at this crazy Ricola-style-horn-playing, moose-mask-wearing dude:

And on top of the city itself being so beautiful, the people are incredibly kind, too. Like the bus drivers who yield to pedestrians (crazy talk, right?). And my wonderful host family who left post-it notes all over their house so that I would know how everything worked, who has fed me better than I feed myself at home and saved me a ton of money on eating out for 3 meals a day, and who loaned me their car all weekend so that I can take daytrips to see some Vermont sights. It's almost worth moving here just for the kindness of Vermonters.

...But then I remember why I'm a New Yorker when I'm driving down a straight road behind a station wagon going 15 MPH and I just want to honk and bust out some aggressive driving skillz while yelling out the window, "This isn't how we drive in New York!" Yeah, I don't think I'm cut out to live here.

I'll leave you with one more reason why Vermont is magical...Ben & Jerry's!! We haven't made it to the factory yet, but isn't this wall hanging in the Burlington store that's made out of the lids from all of the different flavors awesome?

Keep checking in for more tales of my Vermont Adventures. We have three whole weeks left, and I already have more pictures to share with you in upcoming posts. Great ones, I promise.

Although I dearly, dearly miss my husband, my doggies, and my city, packing up and taking this job for a month is definitely one of the most adventurous things I've done in a long time, and I'm very proud of myself for doing it.

Now accepting virtual hugs, in lieu of the real ones I usually get every day from my little family at home! :)



  1. I love burlington! It's on our list of future homes, for sure!

    And, I'm with you on the driving... but honestly, they drive like BIG CITY FOLKS compared to the people where I live now. (And I still drive like an angry new-yorker! I get the strangest, most confused looks as I honk and one-finger-wave...)

  2. That's so nice that you have a host family! It sounds like fun. :) Enjoy it, and know that you'll be home soon.

  3. Oh wow - it looks absolutely beautiful there! Hope you are enjoying yourself as much as possible :)

  4. @Nodakademic: I just snorted at your comment. So funny, I'm glad I'm not alone ;)

    @Liedra: Thanks!!

  5. OMG OMG OMG! I was visiting my family in Vermont this week and on Thursday night I was riding my dad's motorcycle with him in Montpelier and I looked over and thought, HMMM That looks like Mrs. Star. I so wanted to YELL "MRS STAR!?" But thought it was CRAZY that you would be in Vermont! I was actually going to email you to ask though, and I come home to my week-long abandoned Google Reader and find this! Now I think it must have been you :)

  6. Looks amazing - Burlington is really great - but you MUST go the B&J factory - it is like disney for ice cream!

  7. *sigh* You're making me miss Burlington! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself and your host family sounds amazing :)
    Jason & I wanted to move there, but decided against it b/c of the freaky cold weather too.

  8. @Gwenniepie: No WAY! How cool is that? I wish we had gotten to chat!! Crazy world, huh?

    @Erica: Oh, believe you me, we WILL be taking a trip to the factory...maybe more than once, haha. Once the shows open, we'll have more time to make trips. Last night I was at the theater until 4 AM!

    @Ali: Yeah, way way way too cold for me in the winter, but I think we'll be taking many vacays here in the future!

  9. You have to go to the Ben and Jerry's factory and tell us how it went. I'm a sucker for factory tours. It's nerdy but I can't help it.

  10. @M and C: Just wrote one! Check for it tomorrow morning :)