Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Actors Day...I mean, Halloween Costumes!

Of course Halloween is one of our favorite holidays -- it's no secret that one of the most fun parts of an actor's job is the dressing up part, so why wouldn't we love a holiday where everyone gets in on the fun of our profession? :)

I was looking through old Halloween pictures to try to write a blog post taking you through my costumes in recent years, but came across a problem when I realized 1. Most of my Halloween costumes in college aren't really appropriate for general internet posting (haha), and 2. I had FOUR separate costumes for Halloween my senior year alone. Woah. In my defense, we had many, many Halloween events to go to that year, but I'm not sure why I needed a separate costume for each event. My Mom says it's because I'm a diva. Whatevs.

I guess I'll just share one from that year because it's one of our best couple costumes ever. Not because it was such an original idea, or because it was perfectly executed or anything, but just because it was so appropriate for us as a couple: Roger and Jessica Rabbit.

And now for this year...

If you haven't seen the "Double Rainbow Guy" video on YouTube, please check it out. It's hilarious, although the audio prooobably isn't safe for work, but you won't understand my costume without watching it:

This year I went as a double rainbow:

And we went to the Village Halloween Parade and saw two other double rainbows while we were there, although both were very differently executed.

Dan went as YouTube, making us quite the pair:

And our lovely friends went as a flapper and a dead, Mexican gunslinger, both very well done:

It was absolutely freezing last night, and by the end of the night, both of us ladies were wishing we had that Mexican blanket as a part of our costumes!

What did you dress up as this year?


  1. Ahhhh I am loving you as Jessica Rabbit - that is too cute!

    And the double rainbow idea was brilliant!

  2. Such great costumes! I love the double rainbow, so adorable!

  3. I love your couple costume! My husband refuses to match for Halloween so I don't have any cute costume pictures like that.

  4. Hello Manhattan Actress! This comment has nothing to do with this post (but I'd like to say that your husband and you are too cute!)
    My sister is moving from France to NY for a year and though she's been several times to NY she's never seen a Broadway show. I'd like to buy her tickets as a gift but with so many choices, I don't know where to start. Also, I live out of the US, so I will be making my purchase through this site (Good or bad idea ?!) Sorry for the long comment, but I thought, if there's someone who can help me out, it's you ;) Thank you very much !

  5. @N.: First off, tell your sister welcome to the city for me! What a sweet gift to give her, too :)

    Tickets through are fine, I would probably buy mine here if I were to buy them:
    But I doubt that it makes much of a difference! I'm not the expert on where to buy since we usually get tickets through our work.

    As far as what she should see, it depends on what kind of musical you think she'd like...classic? A rock musical? Something more modern? Without knowing your sister or the answer to those questions, my top few picks for a first-time Broadway musical would be: Wicked, A Little Night Music, Lion King, or maybe American Idiot if you think she'd like more of a rock musical.

    Hope this helps! And tell your sister good luck and congrats!

  6. Dear Manhattan actress,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. It was very helpful. I bought her tickets for Wicked, American Idiot and Mamma Mia. Once again, thank you !

  7. @N: Great picks. I'm sure she'll love them! :)