Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching You All Up

So it's been an awkwardly long time since I posted here on my little ol' personal blog. I continue to attribute that to the joy I'm finding in being both Editor-In-Chief and a Blogger over at The Green Room Blog. If you ever want to read some really inspiring posts by artists trying to make their way in the showbiz industry, you have to check it out.

But enough about that, over here it's all about me. Hah! Things have been going really well lately. I'm just coming off of working on a fabulous show this summer, where I got my Equity card (a big deal for you non-actor civilians); Dan just got hired as an assistant at a busy NYC casting office (can I get a "woo hoo" for health insurance?!?), and we celebrated our second wedding anniversary just last night. So yeah, other than the super long hours that Dan is working, I have no complaints. I mean, I'd love to book another acting job ASAP, but that will come. I'm not worried.

And although I'm always sad about summer ending (god, I hate winter), I am excited about heading into the holiday season, which really begins for us with our October anniversary, I suppose. Next up: pumpkin picking and choosing a Halloween costume :)

So now you're caught up on all the big changes in our lives of late. I hope you forgive my absence. I do want to leave you with a gem of a picture from my show this summer, just because the costume is so out of character for me:

Yes, those were actual S.W.A.T. team uniforms. The costume shop had to take mine in from every possible direction. I guess they're not used to small people being on S.W.A.T teams, huh? :)


  1. I love seeing costumes from other shows! It definitely looks like something you wouldn't want to wear everyday, but that's part of the fun of being an actor, right? :)

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  3. I kinda love it when the costumes are totally not what the actors would normally wear, especially when I know them. It makes me smile.

    I had a similar experience backstage - there was lots of heavy stuff to lift, so production thought they'd buy the stage carp and I lifting belts. They don't make movers lifting belts in size 'tiny female ASM', the smallest size was nowhere near me.

  4. @Heather: That's great. Love being a small lady who's able to do things she "shouldn't" be able to ;)

  5. Totally owning your character in this picture. I love it!! Hope I can figure out what show, so I can watch!!!

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