Sunday, December 4, 2011

WEverb11: Day Four!

Today's challenge was to sum up 2011 with a haiku. Now, as an amateur haiku enthusiast, I could write haikus about 2011 all day. But the one I chose to best sum up the year is:

Central Casting and
Betty's Summer Vacation.
What an epic year.

How would you sum up 2011 in a haiku?

P.S. Yes, I've decided to pick and choose which prompts to write along with. Because...I'm lazy. And I just took a five-hour workshop on Saturday all about reflecting on 2011 and gearing up for 2012, so I'm only going to get invested in the prompts that really intrigue me. Sooooo sue me.


  1. Ha, Im picking and choosing what prompts I write with as well. So far it has been every second one!

  2. @Bonnie: Oh good, I feel better that I'm not that only one ;)

  3. I'm picking and choosing prompts too, because I just dont have time for every one! And I don't have something to say for every prompt. Anyway, I love your haiku!