Friday, January 6, 2012

Kayaking the St. John's River, Blue Springs, and Snake Creek

Wanna see a picture of the manatee who nuzzled my hand yesterday?

Yep, that's my new manatee friend checking out my kayak...can you spot my shadow taking the picture? :)

This alligator and I, however? Not really friends. He lunged at my boat shortly after this picture to escape back into the river.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, if a bit chilly. I was able to snap this beautiful shot of my Mom in her kayak:

And a friend we were kayaking with took the first ever picture of the two of us in our kayaks together!

We're exhausted today after kayaking 15 miles (AKA 6 hours pretty much without stopping!). Yeah, I can barely move. Have been very much enjoying my extended vacay, though. I really needed a breather from work!


  1. Love the St. Johns! The rivers down here in Florida are fun to play on - as long as you don't bug the gators :)

  2. What a great trip except for the lunging alligator. That would have freaked me out.

  3. What a beautiful day! Makes me miss South Florida where I spent many a day canoeing down the rivers. Or just floating. One of the best ways to relax, in my opinion!

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  6. I love manatees!!!! So glad I found this blog! Great posts!