Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tragedy on my block

I'm sure many of you have heard the story of what happened to Ysemny Ramos on Friday afternoon. If not, I'll fill you in: she was a pregnant mother of three on her way home from work and walking on the sidewalk minding her own business when she was run over by a man driving a Gristedes van. This all happened on the very corner where we live.

This incident has really touched me. First, it happened no more than 500 feet from where we live. Second, this woman was a beautiful young woman with a family who was on her way home to celebrate her wedding anniversary; it doesn't get sadder than that. And third, she had no warning and did nothing wrong and she was suddenly struck down from behind -- it could happen to anyone at any time, which is a thought that scares me not a little.

I keep thinking about her and her family and how they must be feeling. I brought her a calla lily today and was pleased to find that a makeshift memorial has been set up on the spot where she laid, complete with candles and flowers and other trinkets, which made me happy. I'm glad people will see it and remember her and want to know what happened. I cried when I brought her the lily because it just seems so unfair. People were walking by and stopping to read the newspaper article that had been hung up, so at least attention will be paid.

It rained this afternoon and some of the candles went out, so Dan promised to go re-light them when he walks Duncan later on. We're thinking of you, Ysemny. And we're thinking of your husband and beautiful children.

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  1. I walked by there after work on Friday...the road was still closed off and news crews were around. I didn't know the story till I read this. So sad...=(