Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blue Balls

New York City is, perhaps, the only place on earth where you can spot a pair of blue balls as big as...well, as big as my first car (don't believe me? here's a picture of my first car):

Yes, those are, in fact, enormous blueberries just sitting in Greeley Square Park. Why, you ask? Oh, just to promote the MONSTROUS blueberry juice bottle across the street:

This, my friends, is a prime example of EXACTLY why I started this blog in the first place -- pretty much every day, I'm walking around, minding my own business, running to the train station or the post office or some other mundane task, and BAM! Some weird shit pops up in a totally unexpected place like the park across from our apartment.

I knew I needed to find a place to share all the weird shit that I come across every day, or my husband would go totally bonkers with all the pictures I texted him. So...voila! A blog! And that's how my little blogger self was born, two short years ago. Hard to believe that in two years, I've gone from my little startup "I'm not sure I can pull this off" blog to writing for the huge audience that is Weddingbee and now running several smaller blogs myself!

That's how it is in New York, though...you always have to expect the unexpected here. That's kinda how my life in general is, too. Maybe that's why New York and I get along so well -- we both have a fair share of drama in our lives.

Okay, I have to sign off now because I'm feeling awkwardly like Carrie Bradshaw typing away with my metaphors and attempts at being deep about New York and life. And to think, I started off this post just trying to make a dirty joke about blue balls.



  1. Love it! I just found you via Brooke at Claremont Road--I love reading the stories of fellow New Yorkers!

  2. @themanhattanfoodproject: So glad to have you! Heading over to scroll through some delicious food posts now! ;)