Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Twitter Retrospective

So it's a new year, huh, folks? Funny how fast that happened, isn't it?

I get very contemplative and analytical around this time every year, much like many people do. And I've always thought that keeping one of those "one line a day, every day of the year" kind of journals would be so cool and manageable (and perfect to read on December 31st!), yet I've never been able to get one going.

But then I realized, "hey, I do kinda keep a one or two line a day public journal -- Twitter!" So I spent some time combing through the good ol' archives from 2010 and picked a few of the tweets from each month that best encapsulated my experiences to bring to you: The 2010 Twitter Retrospective!


14 - Gah, I cry every time I write a wedding recap, watch the wedding video, or listen to music from our ceremony. I am suuuch a sap.

27 - Very proud that my little fledgling businesses have inspired one of my friends to create his own -- stick it to the man, my friends!

30 - Just rocked The Gershwin. Hope it's not the last time The Gershwin and I meet.


15 - Spending the afternoon crafting up a storm and re-vamping monologues, while surrounded by snoozing puppies. This is the good life.

17 - Hey fellow actors -- it does absolutely NO good to be cold, snarky, or standoffish in the waiting room. We're all in this together, yo.

24 - Welcoming my husband's fledgling NYC casting agency, @, to Twitter!


22 - So touched that some of my @ readers noticed me in my TLC promo! Becoming a Bee means getting a built-in fan club! 

25 - Think my husband's biological clock is ticking...cute and terrifying all at the same time ;)

28 - Think my best friend in the whole entire world may be driving up to visit this week! Eeeeek! Look out, NYC!


10 - Heading up to Central Park South to see the St. Pucchi bridal gown show! So excited to see some fab dresses! 

12 - As of this morning, we are officially Mr. and Mrs. O'Phalen!!

25 - Will be marching proud in the @ today, despite the nasty nasty weather. My sister looks adorable in her little matching shirt.


3 - Rocked those webisode sides. Just discovering that I can be really funny, and it sure is a whole lot of fun to do!

15 - One thing I'm not good at? Allowing myself to take a break and relax. It's hard when you run your own businesses!

30 - Baked garlic french fries, burgers grilled on the balcony, homegrown lettuce, homemade bread...quite the lovely "cookout" for two :)


1 - Even if it is a slightly dirty NYC beach, I still think it's pretty incredible that we started in Midtown and took the subway to relaxation!

17 - Just had a new dog boarding client over who asked if I was an @ blogger. She works for Martha Stewart! Cool! :)

23 - Iced coffee date with Kelly in @!


9 - Just got recognized at JFK for being in that film that screened Wednesday -- coolest thing ever!!

15 - Intermission of @ and I'm in love...with Sondheim, with Bernadette, with the cast, & with my husband who got me the bday tix!

28 - My father-in-law called me tonight just to say that he had seen my new headshots on facebook and that they were gorgeous. I have the best family


1 - The only thing that could make being in Burlington more perfect right now is if my husband and puppies were here

14 - Opening night of Spring Awakening! Are you ready for this, Vermont?

28 - The Mister and 2 of my bridesmaids are almost to Burlington! Cliff jumping today, show tonight, then home tomorrow!!!


6 - I know that, come next Labor Day, I will be a  :)

10 - Have had a great couple of days and taken several big steps forward in my career -- I'm exhausted by it all, though!

20 - Just booked a campground site to go tent camping with our BFF couple friends, @ and her hubs and all of our dogs next week!!


9 - Heading out to the Greek festival in Queens to relive our honeymoon that began one year ago this week!

24 - Out soon to go play pool in Koreatown with some of the mister's work friends -- here's to fun with new friends!

31 - : the holiday where the rest of the country has fun doing what we  do every day :)


12 - About to go take Michael's by storm. Greta and I are making about five different kinds of Christmas ornaments today!

25 - Getting ready to watch the @ parade from our balcony with 8 of our friends feasting on delicious homemade baked goods! Heaven!

26 - I'm so thrilled beyond belief to have landed representation this week. Just goes to show that focused hard work will pay off eventually!


3 - Just back from serving 300+ people dinner at Gay Men's Health Crisis. Feel tired, & good about helping, but mostly like I have to do more.

7 - WOAH. Got an  notification from NYCastings & a Cmail from @ at the exact same time. The universe has circled around.

18 - Wrapping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, packing, washing my yorkie...all in preparation to leave tomorrow for the holidays!

From reading through all of these tweets, we sure sound like we were busy this year! I'm tired just reading all of it.

What tweets would best sum up your year?


  1. Oh my - I love this idea!!!! Nice twist from what everyone else was doing. What a cool year you had :)

  2. This a great way to look back at the year! Thanks for sharing!