Friday, December 10, 2010

Just another dose of producer crazy ;)

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen my tweets last week about the silliness I encountered when dealing with producers and auditions:

1. The guy who wouldn't give me an audition slot until I told him how many people I would bring to see the show, then when I politely declined an audition, wrote me back a terse email completely devoid of capitalization or punctuation informing me that 300+ other actors would be attending his call (**implication: you snotty actress, you**).

2. The very kind and accommodating producers who were otherwise nothing but wonderful, minus the fact that they sent me my audition slot in military time. Nothing wrong with that, just a first that caught me off guard!

Today I got a casting notice that actually made me laugh out loud. These guys want actors to do background work on a music video for them for the following compensation:

"No pay but Free Brunch and Four Loko"

That's the kind of favor you ask a friend to do you, not a group of professional actors looking to work and advance their careers. At any rate, I may start asking for my checks to be made out in increments of Four Loko.


  1. Seriously!?! LOL! I guess you just have to laugh at something like that.

  2. Haha. Great post.

    Way to ignore the teetotalers out there. I bet they wouldn't have a variety of food either for those that do and don't eat meat.

  3. Oh dear. The unprofessionalism is astonishing! I can't believe they actually get people to gigs that way.

  4. Yikes! That's not even creative---just insulting. Ugh!

  5. I don't understand... Why wouldn't you take it? It's free four loko!

  6. ..But Free Four Loko? How can they even assure that as it's no longer sold as of today (officially; I would wager it's available in many bodegas regardless)?

    More importantly: how else will you get alcohol and energy drinks together after today? ;-)

    Seriously, I applaud your humor with regards to all of these things--you need a good one to weather all of these shennanigans!

  7. That's hilarious. But good on you for standing up for what's right!

  8. Hi there! New reader here. :)

    I really enjoy your blog and writing. I even read your Wedding blog (congrats, by the way).

    The kinds of audition breakdowns you described above really bother me as a professional actress trying to further my career. It's hard seeing things like this because it almost implies that these "professionals" do not take us seriously. "C'mon, what actor wouldn't work for free Four Loko!"

    If you wish to read about a somewhat similar experience I had, you can check out my "Creepy Audition" blog post:

    It's very nice to meet another fellow actress! :) I will keep reading!

  9. Wow, that's a funny producer...with a kit of nerve.