Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm all about taking groceries home on the subway, but...

Call me a germophobe, but I wouldn't eat that broccoli sitting sans protective bag inside the granny cart caked in grime...



  1. Ew. Gross. They have those plastic bags in the grocery store for a reason!

  2. I always wonder how people are okay with that. I mean, even in a normal store grocery cart, is that really sanitary? Then again, I always just end up carrying grocery bags. After they broke on me part of the way home during a snowstorm, I'm starting to re-think that...

  3. Don't you wash your vegetables before you cook/eat them? The plastic bags supposedly take over 500 years just so they can break down into smaller pieces of plastic. That seems like a high price to pay just to take your produce home from the supermarket.

  4. @Jordanna: Sure do. But broccoli has waaay too many of those little crevices for me to think that rinsing it off would get all of the subway/dirty grandma cart germs off it.

    I'm okay with it being a re-useable bag, though! Just not no bag!