Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Union Square Greenmarket

Question: What is the best way to cure the ohmygodwhythehellisn'titspringyet blues?

Answer: Pretty things at the Union Square Greenmarket!

Shopping at this outdoor farmers' market has become one of my new favorite mornings out in the past year or so. There is everything your heart could desire -- fresh breads, pastries, vegetables with the dirt still on 'em, cheeses, plants, cut flowers, fresh meat -- you name it!

I've always been a sucker for the produce (hello, spaghetti squash that they don't sell in my grocery store!) and pastries (I think you all know about my pastry obsession by now), but today my name was called by none other than my favorite flower: ranunculus.

You see, last year was our first summer with a balcony, and I made a plan to try my hand at container gardening. But I only really followed through half-heartedly with some pretty generic potted flowers and a bit of climbing ivy (which is doing very well, I might add). It wasn't all that motivating to shop for gardening supplies at our local teeny tiny home depot gardening section, and I was a little too insecure in my gardening knowledge to attempt shopping in the flower district.

But ohhhhh, was I lured in by the table overflowing with ruffly ranunculus goodness today. I bought two pots of them to start with, because I'm terrified of killing them. Plus, I was inspired to buy two little potted herbs -- basil and thyme, my most frequently used in the kitchen -- to nurture indoors until it gets just a little warmer and I can move them outside. I'm looking forward to buying some lavender, too, at some point, to see if I can overwhelm the city smell and make our balcony's scent a relaxing one!

Then, of course, we had to wrap things up by buying some pastries...Dan couldn't resist a "breakfast" cookie, and I got an enormous apple turnover. We enjoyed ourselves so much and were so tempted by so many delicious and healthy-looking foods, that I resolved to try spending our entire bi-weekly grocery budget at the market at least once this summer, just to see how well I can feed us with all fresh goods on the same money we usually spend at the grocery store. Because I cook so much from scratch, I think we spend a remarkably small amount on food as it is, so it'll be a challenge. But I think we're up to it.

At any rate, wandering around the market together is something we really love to do as a couple. And that's worth a lot by itself.

Do you shop at farmers' markets? What is your favorite buy there?


  1. Ahh! It must be potted ranunculus season :) So lovely. I love the Union Square market -- I have class at Parsons on Saturday mornings, so I always stroll through afterwards.

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! I need to find a potted ranunculus for myself. So pretty!

  3. Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I love shopping at the farmer's markets. They always have the best and freshest stuff!

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