Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Might Be A Manhattanite If... [Part III]

Check out Part I and Part II of this series :)

1. You think getting some fresh air means going to Central Park.
2. Your definition of a large dog includes cocker spaniels.
3. Being able to easily wash your laundry is never something to be taken for granted.
4. You scoff at the tourists who flock to see spots like The Empire State Building, but yet you always crane your neck to catch a glimpse of what color the lights are tonight.
5. If you don't hear a fire engine or police siren for too long, you start to worry that something's happened.

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  1. Haha - this is a cute series. I almost cried when I moved home & got my own washing machine. Now we just need a dishwasher! LOL

    Oh & from Pt I?
    "4. You believe that people who use golf-sized umbrellas are selfish, sidewalk-hogging human beings"
    AMEN SISTER! Especially on my way to work today!!

  2. Can we add to this awesome list? You might be a New Yorker if you can pick out tourists in an "I Love NY" shirt in a crowd like they were Where's Waldo =)

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