Friday, July 18, 2008

No wonder casting directors expect us all to weigh 75 pounds...

I think the most noteworthy thing I ran into today was while I was waiting to audition for a political promo.

This girl was sitting across from me - my height, pretty attractive, probably a dress size 8 or so - complaining that she never gets cast because she's not skinny enough. I think, "yeah, that does suck. I hate how weightist this industry can be."

Then later, as she's getting up to go in, I notice that her resume claims that she's 5'4" (so far I'm with her) and that she weighs 110 pounds. Wait. Hold up. I don't even weigh 110 pounds and I'm a dress size 0/2 these days. The reason you're not getting cast is not that you're too heavy, it's that you're misrepresenting yourself! If you don't like how much you weigh, change it. Or at least don't put a ridiculously fake weight on the top of your resume!

I think she was beautiful the way she was, don't get me wrong. But 110? Come on.

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