Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Typical!

I had such a typical day in the life of Kate today. So typical, that it struck me as particularly typical. And so, of course, I thought that I would share.

My day began with a morning trip the the UES to play with two little kids for a few hours. Not a bad way to make a few bucks. Then, I hopped on the subway to make an appearance at Ripley-Grier (my second home) for an audition. Afterwards, I made a stop at the Midtown Library to check out some books, which is the easiest way to keep an avid reader entertained for free. Happily for me, my library is on the same block as Jack's 99 cent store, which is just about the only place within my budget these days, and I love shopping there because you never know what amazing deals you can find for a dollar. Some household supplies, some wedding craft stuff, even sometimes some brand-name food...all in all, I managed to spend $13, which is a pretty good haul for a dollar store.

So let's see: nannying, an audition, free entertainment, and a trip to the dollar store. Sounds like a pretty typical day in my life, and probably a pretty typical day in the life of many young actors. And a good one, at that.

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