Saturday, August 9, 2008

The day a Midtown Girl learned to appreciate Washington Heights

I made the trek up to Washington Heights to visit my good friend, Whitney, today. I took the A all the way up to 190th street (anyone for a rousing rendition of "you must take the A train..."?).

When I exited the subway station I was immediately overwhelmed by how much greenery there was for it still being Manhattan. I mean, it was beautiful! And Whitney lives just a few blocks away from Fort Tryon Park, which is gorgeous and lush itself. And there were families everywhere and it felt really safe and I was just really impressed.

I checked out her cute little apartment and loved it, too. It had lots of charm and she has a nice little view of the street from her bedroom window and a lovely fire escape.

Then we decided to go out to brunch (along with her roomie) a few blocks further downtown to this cute little place on West 187th street called Bleu Evolution, which had an open-air patio in the back and yummy food. But the coolest part about the place was that they had grape vines growing all over the beams on the patio. There were big bunches of grapes hanging everywhere! It was so cool.

Afterwards, we grabbed ice cream from an ice cream truck outside the park and sat down on benches to enjoy our cones. I got the vanilla dipped in chocolate and boy, was it tasty. The ice cream was so light and fluffy, it tasted more like a cross between ice cream and cool whip.

And so today's lesson was that I really like Washington Heights. It's not for me at this point in my life (hello, Midtown), but someday when I want to settle in and have some more space and a great community for families, perhaps Dan and I will take a look at Washington Heights.

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