Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Each day I love New Yorkers a little bit more

Today, while walking to an audition at Ripley-Grier, I ran into one of the ubiquitous (at least in my neighborhood) sample sale racks lined with heavily-discounted, beautiful clothing. I dutifully walked right on by, but this gorgeous cream lace off-the-shoulder dress caught my eye and I backtracked. There was a middle-aged woman standing there eyeing her own treasure and she noticed me scrutinizing this dress.

Alas, the rack was 1 for $20, which was cheap, but still more than I wanted to spend. The woman commented that it was a beautiful and as I started to walk away, she said something about how perfect it was for me and that I should get it. I replied that it wasn't really in my budget at this point and she simply said, "Well, let me get it for you. I've been dirt poor and I've been a millionaire, but at this point, $20 doesn't mean much to me and you should have this dress." I refused, of course, but I thought it was such a sweet gesture of kindness that really whacked me out of my power-walking mindset.

New Yorkers continue to surprise me.


  1. What? There are nice people in New York too?!? Thats an epic tale of generosity.

  2. I was walking through central park this past weekend and I stood at a crossway considering which way to go when a runner stopped, came up to me and asked if I needed help. I told her where I wanted to go and she pointed me in the right direction. So random New Yorkers are nice!

  3. Hate to say it Kate but I bet you they are "transplants" too. OBTW, nice blog.