Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A rush of relief!

I remember, not so long ago, a time when native New Yorkers used to make me laugh. 

I'd hear one of them describe how they got anxious every time they left the city and couldn't wait for that moment when they walked back onto its crowded streets.

Well, up until today, I couldn't really relate to that. Sure, I've always loved New York. But feeling anxious in the outside world? That used to seem more than a little silly to me.

Today, however, I finally understood the feeling. 

I made the trek waaaaayyyy out to Long Branch, New Jersey (an hour and a half each way on the New Jersey Transit) to audition for upcoming season at the New Jersey Rep Company.

As I was sitting on the train heading out to the middle of nowhere, New Jersey, I actually experienced a moment of panic. What if i get caught somewhere far from the train and there's no subway to save my ass? What if I can't find a Dunkin' Donuts? What if I never find my way home? What if....? 

When I walked out of Penn Station at the end of the day, I felt a huge rush of relief to be back in my territory. Silly? Yes. Prententious? Maybe. Faked? No.

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